Article Policy

Bit details

  • Quality- Articles must be 800+ words or more. It must cover the topic in depth. Put your own wordings. Post must be 100% original.
  • It signifies the following-
    • No plagiarism (use Copyscape, dupe checker etc. to check content)
    • No self-plagiarism- Do not copy contents from your own but already published content.

Image policy

  1. You need to submit a copyright-free image
  2. The image should be (1200*675px)
  3. If you are using an image in the content, align them in the Centre (middle)
  4. The image should not talk about any promotion.
  5. Do not use memo, GIFs.

What we do not accept?

  • Articles related to cross-selling products recommendation etc. are strictly not allowed.
  • Articles related to vaping, casino, CBD, drugs, pills, abusive content, hardcore politics are also not allowed.