hair loss in children

As you age, it is quite normal to see hair fall increase. But if you see a child losing hair, it can raise serious concerns for parents. Yes, it is not normal to see your kids losing their hair. There may be scalp disorders that can lead to sudden hair loss in kids.

A child specialist in Rawalpindi shares that sudden hair falls in kids is not a life-threatening condition but may indicate any health concern. The other reason may include nutrition deficiency in kids. Yes, children often like to eat processed diets but avoid eating healthy nutritious foods that can leave positive effects on overall health, including promoting hair health.

Let’s start our journey to learn what can be the reason for hair loss in kids and what parents should do.

Causes of Hair Loss in Children

Children are less likely to experience hair fall if they do not avoid it. Here, we have come up with the most common causes of hair loss in kids.

Alopecia Areata

Sometimes, autoimmune disease may be the reason which is responsible for hair loss in children. It happens when your immune system attacks the follicles which grow your hair. Some kids can become bald. Doctors may ask for the sample to examine under a microscope. There are multiple treatments that can contribute to regrowing your hair.

Telogen Effluvium

Telogen is known as part of the normal hair growth cycle. It is the phase in which hair growth stops and rests. Kids lose more hair a day than usual. It may also appear as bald patches on the scalp.

It occurs when your kid has had a high fever, severe injury, intense emotional trauma, or surgery.

Tinea Capitis

It is a scalp infection that spreads when children share their personal hats, combs, etc. the fungus is responsible for this scalp infection.

It appears like patches of hair loss with black dots. Doctors check the scalp of the kids to identify the infection.


During chemotherapy, kids can experience sudden hair loss. They will grow back when the treatment is finished.

Nutritional Deficiency

A healthy body can maintain overall functions. But it is only possible when you get proper nutrients and eat a healthy diet. Your kids’ hair health also depends on proper nutrition. You should get all the essential vitamins and minerals through diet. Veggies and fruits are the best sources of a healthy nutritious diet. Parents should make a diet plan that includes biotin, protein and amino acids, iron, zinc, niacin, etc.


The thyroid in your neck releases hormones that aid in handling the metabolism of the body. When it does not make enough hormones, it leads to improper functions, such as tiredness, constipation, weight gain, and hair loss or dry hair.

When the thyroid hormone condition is treated, it also helps in regrowing hair.

Other Reasons for Hair Loss in Kids

It is not always a medical condition but hair loss in children can happen due to different causes, including:

Friction hair loss can also lead to hair loss when kids rub their heads repeatedly against the bed or mattress.

Blow-drying can also cause hair fall in children. These hair heat tools can damage hair health and make your hair easier to fall. Make sure that parents decrease their kids’ hair heat exposure.

Hair styling can also be the reason kids can cause weak hair roots. Tight ponytails can be responsible for weakening hair roots that can result in hair loss.

During the first six months, the newborn baby may also experience hair loss as the mature hair wants its turn to come out. But it is not a condition to worry about.

What Can Be the Treatment of Hair Loss in Kids?

When your child is experiencing hair fall, it is a must to identify the cause of the hair fall. Once the main cause gets the treatment, it will help to manage the symptoms as well, including hair fall. You should not go for medicines or any home remedies until your doctor suggests trying them for your kids.

The Bottom Line!

If your child has had any trauma, therapy can help and also reduce its symptoms on physical health, such as hair fall. You should not avoid hair fall symptoms. Parents also need to check the scalp of the kids when they first see the hair fall. Because early treatment can bring more positive results and also reduce the risk of baldness in children. Parents also need to limit the heat exposure of their kids’ hair as it has become one of the most common causes of losing hair in kids. A healthy diet plan is also crucial for kids to prevent such potential risks. You can also get help from a health expert on what minerals and vitamins can help children the most.  

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