Top Benefits of Teslin ID Cards

In a market with growing uncertainty, increasing population and decreasing budgets, it is important that we maintain an open attitude in cutting costs and improving marketing efficiency. An easy way is to reduce variable costs, such as ID cards. Although ID is a required expense, it will fluctuate depending on the number of people registered. Without affecting customer satisfaction, a quick way to reduce the cost of ID cards is to transfer from plastic or PVC ID cards to laminated paper or Teslin cards.

Teslin plastic cards have a number of advantages over traditional PVC cards, and saving money is just one of them. Here are a few great benefits of Teslin cards.


Due to Teslin’s high ink absorption, the printed image is “locked” to prevent soiling and wear. In addition, the lamination strength of Teslin substrate is ten times stronger than other synthetic materials. This means that any laminate applied to the material will be resistant to peeling while providing excellent flexibility.



The same small holes that help lock the image also provide excellent color reproduction while protecting variable data (such as barcodes) from damage that may change the card’s function.

Magnetic stripe/RFID protection

The micro-holes in Teslin absorb static electricity accumulation, further protecting the magnetic stripe and other embedded electronic devices, and they are also buffered and insulated.


Teslin ID cards and badges are difficult to copy, and can be combined with a variety of security features, especially when bonded with PVC or other materials. These features include laser engraving, high-resolution color photography and security markings.


Brand Management

Gone are the days when plastic cards were abundant. If you are worried about portraying high-end brands in the market, laminated Teslin cards represent as good as plastic cards. Paper or Teslin ID cards can be printed in full color using traditional color or digital prints, and can easily match the brand’s PMS color to protect your brand.


ID Card Life

Another consideration is the life of the ID card. All things equivalent to plastic cards can be used for up to 10 years, but why invest the increased costs in cards that can only be used for one or two years? They also scratch easily and are sensitive to chemicals such as acetone. In addition to the materials used to make the card, the other two aspects that affect durability are lamination and card thickness. Generally, the thicker the card, the longer the duration. However, the film plays a greater role and can significantly increase the service life of the card because it can protect the image and barcode from daily wear and friction.

Laminated paper and Teslin paper cards are waterproof, tear-resistant, heat-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, and have higher durability even when compared to traditional plastic cards. All of which extend the necessary service life of insurance cards by several years.


These are the key benefits you’ll get with Teslin plastic cards. If you are looking to print high-quality cards for your business, you can always get the best designs and print from us.

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